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:: Cyanide in Dust ::

×t s u k i.-'s graphics comm~

:: Cyanide in Dust :: ×t s u k i.-'s graphics comm
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personal graphics community
cyanide in dust@lj

Welcome to Cyanide in Dust, xselfishromance's graphic comm. Here I'll put my icons, headers, wallpapers & whatever other graphics I want to share with you :)
I'd love you if you join or watch the comm!

I'm into a lot of fandoms, but currently: Gossip Girl, Code Geass, Twilight, Blackdagger Brotherhood, My Chemical Romance.
Check out the tags.
I also manage a Blackdagger Brotherhood comm, blackdagger_bh, please take a look!

rules ~

If you're taking something, please comment ^^ I love comments, suggestions... so feel free to leave your opinion. Also I'd like to know what do you like of my work.
ALWAYS CREDIT. I put a lot of effort on each graphic I made, so I deserve that credit.
Please give credit to cyanideindust or at least xselfishromance.
If you don't know how to credit, just put this in your profile or icon description:

Textless icons are not bases, please respect this, don't modify my work. I'll tell you when they're bases so you can use them.
Don't HOTLINK! What's hotlinking? It's using my hosted graphics' links. This can exceed my monthly bandwidth, and you won't see any of my graphics then. Please don't do it! Once you've saved the pics on your computer, upload them on TinyPic or Photobucket.
I do take request from time to time, I'll let you know.
That's all, now enjoy! =)



Wanna be here too? Please apply { here }.


For my resources see { this post }. If you find something that is yours and it's not listed there, please drop a comment and I'll give you your well-deserve credit.

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